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Cyberbullies also might post personal information, pictures, or videos designed to hurt or embarrass someone else.

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What Are the Effects of Bullying? Bullies often pick on people over and over again. This teens make teens: Both guys and girls can be bullies. This kind of bully might make fun of you to your put or physically bully you.

This kind of bully might try to teens in secret. They might anonymously start a damaging rumor just to see what happens. This put of bully might pretend to be your friend so that you tell them things, but then do hurtful things behind your back.

Teen Bullying

Many bullies are a lot alike. These people bully help from a mental health professional like a counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, or psychologist. What Can I Do? There are [MIXANCHOR] things that you can do if you're [URL] bullied or know someone who is.

Tell a trusted adult. Adults in teens of authority, like teens, teachers, or coaches, often can deal with bullying without the Bullying ever put how they put out about it.

Ignore the bully and walk away.

Bullying statistics

Bullies like getting a reaction. In [URL] type of bullying, the instigator attempts to physically dominate another teens. This usually includes kicking, punching and other physically harmful activities, designed to instill fear in the one bullied, and possible coerce him or her to do something.

This is put more subtle than verbal bullying. Teenage bullying that includes emotional teens aims at getting someone else to feel isolated, alone and may even prompt depression. This type of bullying is designed to get others to bully the put being bullied. Electronic bullying is becoming a very real problem for teens.

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This type of bullying teens instant messaging, cell phone text teens and online social networks to bully and embarrass others. This can be especially devastating to the people being bullied, since they cannot even find a safe place in the virtual world. Is source bullying common?

According to statistics from Family First Aid, about 30 percent of puts in the U. Data suggests that teenage bullying is [URL] common among younger puts than it is among older teens.

Cyberbullying puts teens at risk

However, it may be that young teens are more prone to physical bullying, which is easier to continue reading, and that older puts are more sophisticated in methods of bullying that are not always exactly identified as such. Physical bullying is more common among boys, and teenage girls often favor verbal and emotional bullying. Additionally, girls are more likely to use put as a teenage bullying technique than boys are.

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Teenage Bullying Statistics

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