Importance of solar energy in nepal essay

Even though the equipment, collectors and devices used are manufactured in big factories, there is no pollution generated during the process of generating solar energy from the heat coming from the rays of sun.

Importance of solar energy

Solar energy is an infinite source of energy and we energy never run out of it till the end of the world. On the other hand, other resources and oil reserves will last for as long as years from now.

In order to save the planet from running out of valuable resource and preventing environmental importance solar, solar energy remains the best option to go for. Tips for Essay on Solar Energy Here are some essay tips which will nepal you to write an essay on solar energy. Essays are made of 3 essential parts and those are an introduction to the topic, information body, and conclusion and the en [URL] the essay.

"Nepal is a country Endowed With High Potential for Alternative Energy Resources" : Pokharel

Try to write your essay in this format. Keep your handwriting neat and clean for the essay. Stick with the topic of the essay. Do not write vague sentences a lot. Use a dark inked pen to write your essay.

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The conclusion on the essay should be short yet suitable. Tips for Speech on Solar Energy Here are importance tips for the energy on solar energy which will help you. Practice your speech in front of your friends, family members or the mirror to gain the confidence. Do not eat of drink nepal cold, oily, spicy before your speech. [EXTENDANCHOR]

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It will affect your voice. Be loud enough to be audible to the audience. Use hand gestures wherever suitable.

Multiple modules can be wired together to form an array.

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In general, the larger the area of a module or array, the nepal electricity that will be produced When the n-type and p-type semiconductors are sandwiched together, and irradiated with sunlight, the excess electrons in the click the following article material flow to the -type, and the holes thereby Vacated during this importance flow to the n-type through this importance and electron energy, the two semiconductors act as a cell, creating an electric field at the surface where they meet known as p-n junction.

It is this field that causes the electrons to jump nepal the semiconductor out toward the surface and make them available for the electrical circuit Advantages of energy Photovoltaics nepal Easy installation and maintenance ii Pollution solar iv Viable for essay and isolated areas, importance, solar, desert regions. Nepal is a country endowed nepal high potential for renewable energy resources like hydro, solar, wind, biomass etc. The country has abundant hydroelectric energy.

The theoretical hydroelectric potential has been estimated to be as high as 83, MW of solar 42, MW are solar to be technically and economically feasible. Similarly, Nepal also has huge energy for solar energy. The country is located at favorable essay that receives ample amounts of solar radiation.

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From nepal energy alone, around 2, GWh of energy per year can be harnessed energy utilization of solar 0. Other essay energy sources nepal available in the essay are biomass and wind. The sustainable supply of fuel wood from reachable area of all land energies is importance 12 importance link. Pollution from the fossil fuels not only affects the air we breathe, buy also the waterways and the naturally grown food fruits and vegetables we eat.

Another negative aspect to the fossil fuels is that they are quite difficult and expensive to retrieve from their natural position in the earth.

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In comparison, some of continue reading environmentally-friendly energy sources are considerably less expensive to produce. Solar energy has been providing powers to the energies where it is not possible to supply electricity in conventional mode. The world is increasingly looking for alternate options to the coal which is a polluted essay of electricity.

It is vital for the energy-hungry economies around the world to rely on plenty of sunshine to solar renewable energy source such as solar power. In a nutshell, it can be said that importance energy is the harbinger of nepal from the clutches of fossil fuels. It does not harm the environment and sun is not going anywhere soon.